Emily Robyn Archer


Emily has a BA in Fine Art from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, and is a graduate of the 2014 Incubator Programme with the School for Social Entrepreneurs Ireland.

During her residency with WHAT, Emily explored the task of engaging the hospital community in a participatory art project. She chose the post room as the hub of activity and from there she sent her creative invitations into all corners of the hospital. In Emily’s words, ‘What really interested me was that it physically connects all of the many different wards and departments of the hospital, literally, from the Laboratory to the Laundry.’

Emily’s project involved using the hospital postal system for a series of special internal mail packages, each containing a different drawing, story or other collaborative work. A letter introduced the project and invited each recipient to contribute to the artwork and then post the package on to someone else in the hospital- like a chain letter artwork.

The responses to this project were made into animations that were installed in a series of small wall mounted post boxes in the hospital corridors so passersby could stop and peer into the letterbox opening and see the animation playing inside.


Meanwhile, as collaborative artworks were moving through the corridors of University Hospital Waterford, Emily was back in her studio making her own animations built up from her drawings based on memories and imagery of personal significance to her.

Emily’s residency culminated with her exhibition The Post Room Project , which was launched in University Hospital Waterford in October 2010 by Denis Roche.