Marie-Jeanne Jacobs wall based comics

Marie-Jeanne Jacob


Marie-Jeanne Jacob is an artist who works with comics. She has studied art in Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Mexico, and completed a research masters in Art and Education at Concordia University, Montreal, which culminated in an illustrated thesis focusing particularly on comic books as an educative medium and mental health.
She has presented installations in various festivals (Ireland and Montreal), coordinated children’s festivals (Montreal) and exhibited in group and solo exhibitions. She has worked on murals abroad in Lima, Peru, has had an art piece published in the Artistic Atlas of Galway and has presented her work with comics and mental health at the Graphic Medicine Conference in Brighton and Sussex medical school and John Hopkins medical campus.

During her residency with WHAT, Marie-Jeanne engaged the patient population at University Hospital Waterford in a project entitled, The Little Things. The project revolved around positive mental health and she invited patients, in any ward, to make short comic strips examining the little things that bring people joy, and brighten their day. According to Marie-Jeanne, ‘After all, you don’t need to be an artist or a writer to make comics – you just need to have a story. And we all have stories.’