Staff Art Wall

The Staff Art Wall

The Staff Art Wall was set up in 2013 and replaces ten years of Inside Out exhibitions. In contrast to the Inside Out exhibitions which were for a group of HSE staff, the Staff Art Wall is open to all HSE staff within Waterford city and county. 

HSE colleagues are usually only known in a work context and their creative lives often remain hidden.  WHAT celebrates this creative talent of all HSE staff by inviting them to submit a selection of their artwork. Each exhibition runs for two months and is displayed in the Post room corridor. They have featured paintings, photography and poetry.

HSE staff who have exhibited on the Staff Art Wall included: Stefanie Fleischer, Geraldine Malthouse, Breda Cummins, Laura Grimes, Marley Irish, Jane O’Sullivan, Boyer Phelan, Marianne Kenny, Peter Foskin, Caroline O’Regan, Patricia Chesser Smyth, Mary Grehan, Pat Whelan and Carmel Ann Daly.