Waking Up in Waterford

April 2014

Waking Up in Waterford explored Paul Bokslag’s unexpected experience of waking up in University Hospital Waterford after surgery following a traumatic accident in 1996. Through a series of figurative papercuts Paul revisited his stay as a patient in the hospital. The story followed his journey towards recovery.

Paul explained that: ‘I had never been to Waterford before and all that I could see of it when I woke up the next morning was the line of trees outside the hospital window. I was disorientated and in the week that followed, while trying to make sense of what had happened to me, the city [of Waterford] grew in my imagination.’

Paul Bokslag was born and raised in the Netherlands and studied Art Therapy at the University of Applied Sciences, Leiden. He moved to Callan, Co. Kilkenny in 1999, where he lives and works. He works in, and was a founding member of KCAT (Kilkenny Collective for Arts Talent) Art and Study Centre, an open access Arts and Life-Long Learning initiative in Callan.