Waterford in Stitches

October 2014

Waterford in Stitches was a unique exhibition of tapestries, depicting scenes of historical and modern day Waterford, produced by the University Hospital Waterford Tapestry Group. Since 1998 this group meets on a weekly basis in the WHAT Centre for Arts & Health under the auspices of WHAT.

Renowned philanthropist Norma Smurfit launched Waterford in Stitches and commended the Waterford women who produce tapestries for the benefit of patients in University Hospital Waterford and wider afield. She spoke of the importance of art and creativity at times when people are vulnerable due to illness. She praised the ever popular River Story tapestry which now hangs in the foyer of the hospital and depicts the history of Waterford since the arrival of King John and the latest edition to the collection of tapestries, Waterford Past and Present which has taken the group eight years to complete.

The Waterford Healing Arts Trust is grateful to AIB for sponsoring the framing of Waterford Past and Present and to Ardkeen Stores for sponsoring the launch reception.