Wishes and Choices

May 2005


In May 2005, WHAT hosted Wishes & Choices an exhibition resulting from a collaborative project between the Community Development Project, Priorswood and TravAct, Dublin. The Anti-Racist Arts Project supported and facilitated a group of Traveller women who explored their wishes and choices in relation to childbirth and motherhood.

The work includes eight individual vessels, which represent the womb. The vessels, made from diverse materials, are decorated and en-scripted inside and out with personal stories, beliefs and attitudes about pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. Each vessel has been photographed in the arms of each mother. The photographs focus primarily on the vessel.

Participation in the arts and creative self-expression can contribute significantly to the heath, well being and the development of individuals, groups and communities. The identity of female travellers within Irish society and their experiences of hospital life are pertinent within this work. The depth of feeling, experiences as traveller women, daughters and mothers throughout the work comes across in a poignant and moving way.



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