WHAT curates a lively programme of temporary exhibitions offering patients, staff and visitors diverse opportunities to access contemporary art. Exhibitions are chosen for their aesthetic quality and for their positive impact within a hospital setting. The audiences for such exhibitions far exceed what any gallery or arts centre could hope to attract and the exhibitions offer talking points beyond the medical context. Some of the exhibitions, such as dreamMirror by Jeffrey Gormly, feature an interactive element. Some are produced through a collaborative process, such as The Post Room Project, while others, such as Passengers, are curated by HSE staff.

The Staff Art Wall is a series of bi-monthly exhibitions by HSE staff members based in Waterford. The Staff Art Wall is on view in the post room corridor of UHW and features a range of creative pursuits from painting to poetry and beyond.



Waking Up in Waterford

April 2014

Waking Up in Waterford explored Paul Bokslag’s unexpected experience of waking up in University Hospital Waterford after surgery following a traumatic accident in 1996. Through a series of figurative papercuts Paul revisited his stay as a patient in the hospital. The story followed his journey towards recovery.

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The Feel Good Factory

October – November 2014

Featuring artworks created by participants of WHAT’s Open Studio WorkshopThe Feel Good Factory was an exhibition of diverse subject matter and media celebrating each participant’s work, their individuality and one of the things that make them happy: making art!

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October 2014

Sparks is an illustrative book and exhibition that aims to provide empathy and hope to those experiencing a difficult time in their lives. It was created by Aoife Price and illustrated by Oonagh Young and Úna Gildea as a response to the lack of accessible resources that are available to young people experiencing mental health difficulties.

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January – February 2014

dreamMirror was an exhibition of artworks by Jeffrey Gormly, Artist in Residence with WHAT, that went on display in the outpatients corridor of University Hospital Waterford (UHW).

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Another Expanse

September – October 2014

Another Expanse explored some of the difficulties faced by those making life-changing decisions on behalf of a family member with serious mental health illness.

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Cupán Tae

October 2013

Cupán Tae, showcased the work of the WHAT Open Studio group in University Hospital Waterford. Deputy Mayor, Cllr. Tom Cunningham officially launched this exhibition during a celebratory tea party on 10 October.

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Body Conscious III

October 2013

The third and final exhibition in the series Body Conscious on the theme of the body featured work by Vera Klute. The exhibition and accompanying catalogue was launched by Professor Jim Malone on Friday 25 October 2013 in University Hospital Waterford.

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Body Conscious II

March – May 2013

WHAT’s second exhibition in the series Body Conscious on the theme of the body featured artworks by Susan O’Brien Duffy and Lucia Barnes.

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April – May 2013

WHAT presented an exhibition of new works by West Cork based artist Marie Brett entitled Anamnesis in The Index Gallery, Waterford Central Library.

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The Quiet Heart

September – November 2012

The Quiet Heart, an exhibition of artworks by Martin Fahy, Artist in Residence with WHAT, on display in University Hospital Waterford and the WHAT Centre for Arts and Health, was launched on 13 September 2012 by writer Grace Wells.

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