Wild at Heart

Photographic collection by Michelle Byrne on Staff Art Wall at UHW
Wild at Heart, a beautiful collection of photographs by Occupational Therapy Assistant Michelle Byrne, has opened on the Staff Art Wall at University Hospital Waterford (UHW).  These intriguing portraits of wild animals invite the viewer to pause and consider the stunning creatures who share our planet.  The exhibition continues until 27 September 2022.  The Staff Art Wall is managed by Waterford Healing Arts Trust and aims to celebrate the creativity of staff working at UHW by providing an opportunity to display their work at the hospital.  Further details are available from what@hse.ie or 051 842664.

A self-taught photographer, Michelle Byrne has been fascinated with photography all her life.  Her first camera was a Sony and she has remained faithful to the Japanese brand ever since.  She currently shoots with a Sony a6000, a digital mirrorless camera.  An active member of Carrick Camera Club, Michelle has participated in club exhibitions, but this is her first solo exhibition.

Speaking about her passion, Michelle says “For as long as I can remember, I have always had a camera of some form.  It has been a life-long hobby.  I love taking photos of anything and everything, but what I love most are animals, scenery and sport.  I just love seeing something that catches my eye, something which stands out, and photographing it.  At the end of the day, photographs are our memories.  These photographs are some of my favourite memories from over the last couple of years’.

Waterford Healing Arts Trust is Ireland’s leading arts and health organisation. Established in 1993, WHAT brings arts experiences to the bedsides of patients at University Hospital Waterford and other healthcare settings.  WHAT believes that the arts contribute to the wellbeing and vitality of society and that engaging with the arts stimulates the participant’s sense of identity and creativity. Core funded by the Arts Council, WHAT supports the development of arts and health in Ireland and manages the national resource website www.artsandhealth.ie