For Health Service Users

Lifting people’s spirits

Our work with health service users (patients, residents and their family members/carers) aims to lift people’s spirits and remind them that beauty still exists in the world, even in the midst of a difficult time.

For Healthservice Users
Art Collection

Waterford Healing Arts manages the extensive Art Collection of University Hospital Waterford, which consists of 600+ artworks of the highest quality on display throughout the hospital.

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Paediatrics (Children’s Ward)

Artist Eilis O’Toole and storyteller Joe Brennan visit the Paediatric Ward in the afternoons to support the hospital’s younger patients to lose themselves in art making and magical stories.

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Renal Dialysis

Our Arts Programme in the Renal Dialysis Unit at University Hospital Waterford offers patients the opportunity to engage in visual art, creative writing and poetry, film, photography and live music during their lengthy periods on dialysis.

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Mental Health

Our Iontas Arts & Mental Health programme brings arts experiences, such as music, visual art, creative writing, movement and drama to people experiencing mental health issues, to support their wellbeing and recovery.

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Older Person

If you’re an older person who would like to make art and/or enjoy music during your hospital stay, we have a number of options to support you to do so, such as our Healing Sounds live music programme, our Open Gallery art viewing programme and our Artist on Call initiative.

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Palliative Care

Music can be a comfort to people at all stages of life and we are glad to be able to bring live music to patients, family members and staff in the South East Palliative Care Centre, located at UHW.

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Artist on Call

This rapid response service brings an artist and art materials to the bedside of any patient in UHW, by request, to support the patient to make art.

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Artist in Residence

This initiative usually sees an artist collaborating closely with patients on an art project. However, in recent years, due to COVID-related restrictions, the artist has instead been working with staff from different departments in the hospital.

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