Henriique works in Medical 4 Ward as a cleaner. He has also been working as a professional photographer for the past seven years. His work mainly consists of portraits, however he is primarily interested in documentary photography. Decrescimento, Henriique’s most recent exhibition, was held in Sãn Paulo,  Brazil, in 2017.

The photographs for Henriique’s current exhibition, Untitled, were taken over a period of a year and a half.  Describing the inspiration for his work Henriique says he is  ‘intrigued by human beings, even though it is hard to understand them.  No one knows what is going on behind a person’s face; there could be so many emotions. The only thing we can do is be respectful and patient with them, just as we are with ourselves’. Some of the portrait photography in this collection were published by Vogue Italy.

This series of photographs by Henriique runs until 28 November 2023. The Staff Art Wall is an initiative of Waterford Healing Arts which aims to celebrate the creativity of staff working at UHW by providing an opportunity to display their work at the hospital.