Eilis O’Toole is a visual artist with a practice in fine art painting, who works with Waterford Healing Arts (WHA). She has exhibited widely throughout Ireland, but this is her first exhibition on the Staff Art Wall.

Eilis is a familiar face on the Paediatric Ward at UHW, where she brings the Art Kart to young patients, offering them the opportunity to make art during their hospital stay. This can relieve the children of some of the worry they may be experiencing, by offering them a chance to explore, be creative and have some fun.  Eilis also delivers the Art at the Kitchen Table programme in West Waterford, supporting older people to make art in their own homes or in a studio setting. The Art Kart and Art at the Kitchen Table are programmes managed by Waterford Healing Arts.

In A Landscape is an evolving series of works that provides a space for reflection and contemplation. Eilis pays attention to seemingly ordinary or insignificant moments that can disappear as easily as they appear, before you have  a chance to fully grasp them.  She explores the essence of these moments, which allows for a spontaneous drift of thought. Eilis’s process begins with walking and spending time in her local landscape. Therefore, even though these landscapes are inspired by real places, they are personal interpretations, visually influenced by particular moments, feelings or thoughts.

The Staff Art Wall is an initiative of Waterford Healing Arts which aims to celebrate the creativity of staff working at UHW by providing an opportunity to display their work at the hospital.

The exhibition will be on show until the 25 July 2023.