Memories of Old Ireland /Seanchuimhní na h-Éireann is a poignant collection of photographs by Dymphna O’Herlihy. The images give the viewer a brief look into a time long since past. The exhibition runs until 30 May 2023.

Dymphna O’Herlihy is a Healthcare Assistant at University Hospital Waterford. She works on the Oncology Day Ward and at the Breast Clinic. Dymphna has a keen interest in painting and photography, and has exhibited many times on the Staff Art Wall.

Dymphna says, My purpose for taking these photographs is to offer a glimpse of a bygone age. It is important to remember the past and these photographs give us an idea of the lives and lifestyles of Irish people.  The photos are a good way of keeping memories alive.’

The Staff Art Wall is an initiative of Waterford Healing Arts, which aims to celebrate the creativity of staff working at UHW by providing an opportunity for staff to display their work at the hospital.  Any staff member of UHW interested in displaying their art on the Staff Art Wall is welcome to submit a proposal by contacting Waterford Healing Arts at