The blush of dawn in Tramore, by Tudor Varga (Radiographer)

Celebrating staff creativity

Waterford Healing Arts celebrates the abundant creativity of staff working at University Hospital Waterford by providing an opportunity to display their artworks at the hospital through the Staff Art Wall. Located along the Post Room corridor in the main hospital, this exhibition space is one of the busiest areas of the hospital, thus ensuring maximum visibility for the artworks on display, and huge kudos for the artist/staff member.

Through annual Workshops for Staff, Waterford Healing Arts provides opportunities for staff to develop their creativity through workshop programmes led by our professional artists. In recent years, staff have developed painting, drawing, creative writing, guitar playing and storytelling skills, and even formed a UHW Band!

Children of HSE staff are included in our creative programme, too, with an annual Summer Arts Camp led by one of our professional artists in the Réalta Centre for Arts & Health on the hospital campus.